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ExpertOption Real Review
Trading platform is a relatively great in the binary options trade and it is owned by Expert options limited located in many countries They have a trading platform that is simple and easy to use. Their trading assets include most Forex Pairs, Indices and Oil. They offer competitive payouts on various options with a record breaking time duration up to 60 minutes. ExpertOption is widely recognized in Russia because they are licensed by FRMCC. ExpertOption was established in 2015 and it is a relatively new entrant in the binary options trading scene. The site has popularity in many countries and features other languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi and asian languages. The ExpertOption has taken advantage of their trading platform to meet the needs of binary option traders.

ExpertOption Awards:
2015 – Trading trends awards
2016 – Fast withdrawal awards
2016 – Brazil Expo Finance
2016 – Best Trading Solution
2016 – Trader GO Award
2017 – №2 Asian broker


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What does ExpertOption have to offer?
ExpertOption trading software – This is a software that is wholly developed and used by ExpertOptions and it is exclusive to this ExpertOption. Most brokers use platforms from other service providers but that is not the case with ExpertOption which uses its very own. This is their proprietary software with a simple interface that is easy to use for both new and experienced traders. It consists of some features which allow traders to perform technical aspects of the trade that are necessary in maximizing their profits and at the same time executing their transactions promptly.
Educational materials – The site has very useful and informative materials in the education section that actually helps newbies to come to terms with the operations of the binary options trade. It not only offers strategic advice about this trade but also provides a glossary of terms and analytical information that are relevant to any eager trader.
Mobile trading platform – ExpertOption takes care of all types of traders including those who are on the go by providing an efficient mobile service for all its customers. This mobile platform is available in the app format and can be downloaded through Google Play and Apple Stores. It is very suitable for those traders who are on the move and would wish to check on their assets anytime they wish to.
Assets – They have quite a number of trading assets that range from Market Indices, Forex Pairs, Commodities, Gold and Oil. Their Market Indices feature very popular and widely reputable firms like S&P500.
Continuous stream of trading signals – The ExpertOption platform has a great feature when it comes to streaming of trading signals. It has a continuous stream of trading signals and alerts. These signals encompass all their assets and include the Neutral or Sell and strong Sell and the Strong Buy signals. These signals are important in the binary options trade and it is crucial to understand what they are based on and this call for a demo.

ExpertOptions trading account Features
ExpertOption offers a variety of trading accounts that meets the needs of different types of traders. These accounts include:

Mini trading account – It is a basic trading account that can be opened with a deposit of only 50 dollars. It has a maximum number of 10 open deals with a maximum of 20 dollars per deal. It also offers educational training materials related to the binary options trade and also incorporates a 50% bonus.
Silver trading account – This trading account is for the more experienced traders and can be opened with a deposit amount of 250 dollars. It features bonuses which can be as high as 75%.
Gold trading account – This trading account can be opened with an initial deposit of 1000 dollars and has very attractive benefits like priority withdrawals, increasing asset profits and personal consultation with a leading trading partner.
VIP trading account – This is a top level trading account that takes up all the features of the gold trading account and also includes an analysis of the trader’s individual history. It has bonuses that go as high as 125% and is especially beneficial for experienced traders. A demo trading account is also available for free and is useful in familiarizing one about the site and its operations.

Traders wishing to open an trading account with ExpertOption have a wide range of options including the most traditional to the more contemporary e-Wallets methods. The minimum deposit amount is just 50 dollars and this makes the site a simple and easily accessible one. This amount is the lowest in the industry and is a good motivating factor to new traders who would wish to gain trading experience. ExpertOption has a very quick and efficient withdrawal and deposit system which guarantees short turnaround times with a good customer support facility. All traders’ funds are held in European banks that are secure and which enable traders to have a peace of mind when trading.

Registration?  Registration form so easy and fast way to get real account.


Making Deposits?
ExpertOptions, just like any binary options ExpertOption, lets traders make deposits by using the standard methods of payments which consist the use of credit cards. Among the most popular credit cards that are accepted here include Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, and American Express among others. Deposits by wire transfer and other e-Wallet methods are also accepted. Safepay and Skrill are also available to any potential trader in this trading platform.

ExpertOption deposit

Making Withdrawals?
ExpertOption offers a professional platform for trading which offers really easy and simple earnings in binary options type of trading. They offer many tools for trading that features the most perfect conditions for trading in the industry. Each and every trade is watched in real time by experienced trade experts. ExpertOption also provides the best and fastest withdrawal features in the industry in which money is able to reach your e-Wallet or your card in the shortest time possible. The transactions are commission free and involve a wide range of payment methods apart from those mentioned above.

More about ExpertOption:
Like any other broker, ExpertOption use marketing strategies to entice traders to their binary options trading platform by using attractive sales language. However, when one closely checks the site the story is entirely different because some traders feel that the site is not genuine. This is because the site is not that transparent and does not provide the much needed information to the trader. Finding helpful information about the site is challenging thus making it opaque and one that does not satisfy the needs of its customers. This scenario makes it very difficult for any trader to trust it.

The site also features a demo trading account by 1 click only that is supposed to allow a trader to learn more about the binary options trade but the transition to the main trading account is a big problem because it directs one to the trading area. The profits one is supposed to get in a demo trading account are highly exaggerated and this makes the site to appear unreliable because it promises high returns which are not possible in a live trading session. The demo trading account is therefore viewed as an enticing one rather than one that is honest in trading.

When it comes to bonuses and promotions one expects that the site will provide clear guidelines on how the features will be rolled out. The promise of fast withdrawals of the said bonuses stares any other trader on the face because when you check the terms and conditions relating to bonus withdrawals you find that it is not that easy to retrieve your withdrawals once you make your initial deposit because the bonuses are usually tied up with the withdrawal process which is rigorous and discouraging.

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  1. Sash says:

    Great broker , earned here $13.000 for last month… So now my balance is $42000. i need withdraw again!

  2. Franko says:

    I have question about payments… how long should i wait withdraw??? month ago i received money during 1 day… but last week i waited about 3 days… what had happened?

  3. Bella says:

    I also waited 2 days to receive money during last days… i asked support they promised me next time pay more faster… So i hope you are right my dear support

  4. Sanchos says:

    Just received my next payment 22.000 usd.. yahooo.. thanks guys! you are the best!

  5. Best trader says:

    Hey everybody how can i make $100.000 deposit here?
    i just received 24.000 to my bank ewallet…
    and so.. its not so easy make small deposits :)))
    how to make normal deposit??

  6. Anna says:

    Hey guys? why time for withdraw changed from 1 day to 3-4?????? i want my money :)))

    • Forest says:

      i requested money 1 day ago and just received my money on my wallet…
      maybe it depends on your amount?! i received $7000 only 🙁

  7. Kosto says:

    So… its most popular and trusted broker i think! Thanks for review… I have to try!

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